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GBAM's History

The History of GBAM

Guy and Nancy Hoffman



Have you ever wondered when GBAM was founded, who was involved or how the name was established? This articles is about the founding fathers (& mothers) of GBAM and how we got to be where we are today. The first couple that took measures to start a Metropolitan car club in the Bay Area is Guy and Nancy Hoffman. This is part of their story.

Nancy purchased there first MET with a 1500 cc engine on the Peninsula, a 1956 Hudson MET. Shortly their after, Nancy and Guy were married. They lived in San Carlos for many years.

In 1975, Dick Maize ran an article in several Car type magazines in an effort to set up a national Metropolitan car club. One day, a co-worker asked Guy, "Do you still have that Silly Little Car?" and Guy said Yes!. Mike then gave Guy a copy of the March 1975 issue of the "Old Cars" Newspaper. It had a copy of the ad ran by Dick Maize.

Guy called Dick Mazie and joined MOCNA March 17, 1975. He is MOCNA member #180. A couple of months later, Mr. Maize called Guy and asked if he would serve as Secretary and Newspaper Editor for MOCNA, Guy agreed. The first editor of MOCNA, then known as Metropolitans Owners Club was Dick Maize, the second was Bill Buck, and then Guy took over this position with the able assistance from Nancy.

Guy was editor of the MET Gazette from 1975 to 1987. (There was a couple who served in Guy's position at MOCNA for about 2 months and then they resigned.) Rich McGarty volunteered for the Newsletter Editor's job and has done a marvelous job ever since.


Guy and Nancy felt a need to establish a local MET club. In January 1978, he went through the National Roster, searching out all MET owners in Northern and Central California and invited them to a meeting to explore interest in establishing a MET Club.

In March 1978, about 23 people with 15 METs attended the first meeting at the Coast Car Collector & Rag Time Museum in Emeryville. Based upon the enthusiasm of the group, Jim Wimmer was selected as GBAM's first President and Mike Zampachini was the first Newsletter editor. A month later, a 2nd meeting was held at the same place, and the following month, the MET meeting was held at the Independence Park in Livermore for a picnic.

By September, club membership had soared to about 45 members. The members came from places as far away as Ferndale, Red Bluff, Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto, Los Banos and Morgan Hill. In October 1978, about 16 METS congregated in Modesto and drove up Highway 4 to Columbia for a days outing.

A group of MET owners from GBAM drove to Reno for a Regional meet in 1978. We all had a fabulous time. The first MET club, the Northern California MET Owners Club (NCMOC) was quite active.

Question: Why was your club so active and successful? "People want to be included. There was a bit of novelty as we were a new club. People wanted to belong, to be able to obtain parts and learn how to take care of their cars. It is important to keep people notified by letter, post card, and now by e-mail."

How many METs do you own?

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